2017 Convention Agenda

Friday 4. August

• Arrival, early registration and accommodations at the Na Pajcni Inn.
• The Na Pajcni inn is close to Ivan's house. There you can stay during your visit in Slovenia.


Saturday 5. August

• PEZ show starts at 11 am. Attendees will get tables.
• PEZ show will close at 4 pm. Show will be open to the general public.
• After the PEZ show there will be a PEZ Barbecue and Vine Cellar at Ivan’s house for registered convention guests.
• In the afternoon we will have Bingo and many other activities only for registered convention guests.


Sunday 6. August

• We will spend the Sunday in Ljubljana. Visit the Flea market.
• You will find ways to beat the summer heat in the old town of Ljubljana.
• Lunch
• After Lunch is Convention over


For all the foreign visitors, who wish to attend the 1st PEZ Gathering in Germany (11.-13. August) and would like to stay in Slovenia for a few more days until their departure, we will prepare some extra program, up to Thursday the 9th August. The program will depend on the number of attendees and their wishes.